Leading others doesn’t always come naturally, but it is something every one of us can learn.

Ready2Lead? is the first leadership conference in Bedford Borough designed for Year 12 students.

As we host inspiring speakers, run practical workshops and encourage individual initiative, our aim is to bring out the inner leader in everyone.

Ready2Lead? is for absolutely anyone in Y12…possibly! We are passionate about helping any student who wants to grow and develop themself and who is keen to learn how to make a difference to others. There is, therefore, no particular academic level, background or personality type that is required. The conference is free of charge to delegates, making Ready2Lead? accessible to absolutely anyone in Y12.

Our firm belief is that we need to start with self-leadership. As we begin to understand our values and live them out with courage and passion, we will make an impact that will cause others to follow our lead. In other words, the most powerful leader you can be is when you fully embrace the power of being you.

Ready2Lead? aims to bring out the inner leader in everyone.