This year’s conference


Ready2Lead? 2023

Session 1

Ready 2 be Extraordinary?

Wednesday 4 October

Session 2

Ready 2 Change the World?

Wednesday 8 November

Session 3

Ready 2 Celebrate?

Wednesday 6 December

Session 1 – Ready 2 be Extraordinary?

Venue: Bedford School




Welcome and Introduction


Ready 2 Learn?

Keynote Speaker: Fatima Naimi

Fatima will be helping us reflect on who we are and the power that comes from living according to our core values and deepest passions.


Ready 2 Act?

If we are going to be ready to lead, then we need to be prepared to go somewhere! The aim of Ready2Act? is to give you the opportunity to make a difference to something that matters to you.

In Ready2Act? you will be working with others from your school to plan and implement a project that makes a difference globally or locally.


Refreshments and Networking

A chance to meet new people, catch up with our keynote speakers and make connections.


Ready 2 Learn? (Part 2)

Keynote Speaker: Luke Brown

From his own experience of setting up a community interest company, Spiral Freerun, Luke will tell us his story and his experience of making an idea a reality that has a positive impact on others.


Ready 2 Reflect? (Part 2)

This session offers a further opportunity to discuss what you have learned with delegates from across the schools and to share initial ideas for making an impact.


Ready 2 Act? (Part 2)

School-based project teams will have the opportunity to develop project ideas further and make some initial plans to meet the Ready2Lead? deadlines – check the timeline here


Conclusion and Farewell

Be ready to share your ideas as we wrap things up for the day. Don’t forget to put sessions 2 and 3 in your diary!

Session 2 - Ready 2 Change the World?

Venue: TBC


Introduction and Welcome


Ready 2 Lead? Seminars

Delegates will have the opportunity to attend some seminars giving practical tips and inspiration linked to presenting ideas, working with others and implementing innovative projects.


Ready 2 Reflect?

Cross-school groups will share their learning from the seminars.


Ready 2 Act?

School team projects will be reviewed and refined in the light of today’s input


Conclusion and Farewell


Event Ends

Session 3 – Ready 2 Celebrate?

Venue: Kimberley College


Arrival and set-up of project displays


Introduction and Welcome 

A time to celebrate the achievements of the Ready2Lead? delegates, with groups presenting their projects to their peers and to our special guests.

It will be a finale that will challenge and energise you to go on making your unique impact in the world.

The exact details of our celebration event are currently top secret, but it promises to be an exciting, challenging and inspiring finale to Ready2Lead?


Conclusion and Farewell


Event Ends

What people said about PAST CONFERENCES...

It provided me with excellent opportunities and helped me meet some amazing people
I would recommend Ready2Lead? because it has helped my self-confidence in working with other people...It has also given me the chance to get to know other students from other schools and make new friends.
There are leaders everywhere, but the issue is that they don't have a path to lead. Ready2Lead? is a great way to guide people.