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Elke Edwards - Photo


Elke Edwards is Founder and Creative Director of Ivy House. She and her team at Ivy House focus all their efforts on working with future leaders, turning traditional leadership development on its head.

Through the Ivy House Programme, they work with emerging talent from a range of organisations such as Aviva, Sainsbury’s, M&S, Lloyds of London and RBS and, in September 2019, launched the Ivy House Award in pioneer schools across the country to bring this game-changing personal and professional development to sixth form students. Through the Ivy House Award Elke and her team are on a mission to ensure that each new generation has the opportunity to live their best lives.

Amani Profile

Amani Simpson

Amani is a filmmaker and entrepreneur from Enfield in North London. He has been an active campaigner in changing narratives around the complex reality of knife crime.

In July of 2011 at the age of 21, Amani was stabbed seven times. In contrast to the stereotypical cases – he hadn’t come from a ‘troubled home’ –  he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. After this incident, Amani sought to change his life. He had been unhappy with the steps that had led to that point and saw this second chance at life as an opportunity to create a new story.

Since then, Amani has done extensive work in not only changing the way knife crime is discussed but also standing as a shining example of what can be achieved through focus, hard work and the correct mindset.

Sam Roberts Presenting

Sam Roberts

For the last twenty years, Sam has worked for some of the biggest media organisations in the UK, presenting, commentating and writing about sport. His work on rugby can be currently found on Channel 5, BT Sport, Sky Sports, DAZN, The Times and Rugby Pass’s The XV. For the last ten years, he has coached a large amount of people on how to speak in public.

Mark Hudson

Mark is the founder and creator of E-Spired CIC and leader of a community ministry and a consultancy. He is a father and husband, and a visionary of many people’s businesses around the UK. As an entrepreneur, Mark refuses to be confined by accepted boundaries or to live within his own comfort zone; he is always willing to “come out the box” to make a difference and to make his own vision a reality.