speaker bio's


LUKE BROWN, former student at Biddenham Upper School, launched Spiral Freerun, coaching Parkour, in 2016. This was during his time at university where he studied Sports Science and Coaching. In April 2021, he and his team took the leap of faith to turn the company into a CIC (Community Interest Club) and run full time. Having been located in Bedford, Spiral Freerun is currently operating from Wyboston Lakes near St Neots. Luke has brought together his own determination to make a difference to others with his passion for sport, and Parkour in particular, to the point where he is now Owner, CEO and General Manager of this thriving organisation.


Harry Beard

Harry is a former student in Bedford Borough and co-founder (at the age of 22) of PROSPECT 100, a marketing agency focused on Gen Z that builds campaigns centred around global design competitions for young artists that are judged by industry leaders like Sean Wotherspoon and Steve Wozniak. Their clients include ViacomCBS and KERING. Harry also speaks on the topic of Gen Z with his Tedx talk on the topic gaining over 1.5M views.

Fatima Naimi

Having gone to school in Luton, Fatima was, until very recently, studying Politics and International Relations at University College London (UCL) where she particularly enjoyed studying ‘Justice and Public Policy’.

During her time at UCL she founded The Afghan Society which became her passion project. Fatima’s ultimate dream is, at some point, to establish her own charitable organisation that would contribute to nation-building efforts in Afghanistan and Central Asia. She now works for Storm 6, an organisation recruiting talent for the EdTech sector.